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Femund knife - GRS Deep Sheath - Brown 104281
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GRS Deep Sheath


Get the matching knife to your GRS laminate stock.

We teamed up with Brusletto, one of the most well-known knife makers in Norway and created this all-round knife.

Available in all 8 laminate colours and in two different sheath styles.

Weight: 325 grams (including sheath)
Total length knife: 23.5 cm
Length blade: 11.5 cm
Knife steel: Böhler 690 in HRC58 quality
Handle: GRS birch laminate - Brown colour
Sheath: Black ox leather with edge block

Produced with GRS laminate side panels and a finger guard for safety. 

We embrase this knife because of its all-around qualities -- great for chopping wood, skinning a deer, cutting Biltong or turning the steak on the Braai or BBQ. After months of testing, this knife has proven itself to be of outstanding quality. Still sharp as a razor!


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