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Arca Rail Set 105032
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Arca Rail Set

As a new add-on for the Ragnarok chassis stock we now offer the GRS Arca- Rail kit which mounts to the underside of this stocks front end.

This rail can be used for tripod mount, attaching shooting bags, hand stops, barricade devices, bipods or similar Arca- Rail specific equipment.

The rail is attached using two provided M-Lok fasteners in front and four screws in the rear of the rail. These four screws replace the previous bolts that fixed the front end of the Ragnarok chassis stock. This means that when you use the GRS Arca Rail you can later- if needed- remove the front end and the new Arca- Rail as a unit- and without the need to disassemble both.


Fits Ragnarok Chassis Stock

Made of 6061 Aluminum and Stainless Steel Hardware.

Price is exclusive duty/tax and local fees in each country.

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